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Does lack of vitamin D cause impotence?

November 13, 2019

Numerous studies and observations (mainly from Italy) suggest that vitamin D deficiency may affect erection problems and sexual activity. Only 20% of people with impotence and libido have the correct concentration of this vitamin in their blood. What is more interesting, the more serious and severe the symptoms of sexual disorders, the lower the concentration of vitamin D. Does lack of vitamin D cause impotence? What does it look like in reality?

Does lack of vitamin D cause impotence? The influence of vitamin D on sexual activity of men

It has not yet been established why vitamin D has such a strong connotation with erection problems. The question arises whether the lack of vitamin D causes impotence. One of the solutions to this puzzle is the phenomenon of antioxidation, which is the cause of inflammation in the body and complications in the form of sexual disorders. It is precisely about increasing the appearance of free radicals, which help to reduce nitric oxide, which is essential for the formation of erections. Its presence causes the blood vessels to relax, so that blood can flow in larger volumes, causing the erection of the penis. Without nitric oxide, the vessels are not stimulated properly and there is no possibility of an erection.

Vitamin D in the body is "extracted" from the cholesterol, thanks to the effect of sunlight on the skin. To obtain a sufficient concentration of vitamin D during the day, you should expose yourself to the sun for nearly 30 minutes. If for some reason we do not have such a possibility (season of the year, lifestyle), it is worth to apply an appropriate supplementation.

Methods of vitamin D supplementation

Lack of vitamin D, according to some tests, increases the risk of impotence and erectile dysfunction by nearly 40 percent. This is related to both the work of blood vessels and reduced production of testosterone by the body. We are also dealing with these free radicals and limited production of nitric oxide. The consequences can be much more far-reaching - including prostate cancer and heart failure. How can I supplement and supplement vitamin D then? At the beginning you should take some time out in the sun and expose yourself to UV radiation (the highest concentration of testosterone among men is in August). Further down the line, we should reach for supplements and consume more products with eggs, dairy products and fish.

What else besides vitamin D?

In order to support your body comprehensively, you should also provide other minerals and vitamins that will counteract impotence. The most important thing is that they are delivered in full value meals and come from natural sources as far as possible. Supplementation is an appropriate step for people leading demanding lifestyles, susceptible to stress or intensive exercise, and after 50. In addition to vitamin D, a set of magnesium-iron-zinc-selenium, folic acid, vitamin C-D-E, vitamins from group B and coenzyme Q10 should be provided.