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Pumps at work for busy people

November 13, 2019

Little time, a lot of responsibilities, a demanding boss and later children, home and lack of strength for anything - this is a scenario that fits many of us. When we want to do something with ourselves and initiate a change, the hardest thing is to start and save some time. Fortunately, with the right approach, only a little is enough to be able to do something with yourself. An example can be pumps at work for busy people, which can be performed repeatedly during the day, having even 1-2 minutes free time available during the break.

A series of 20 push-ups, made systematically, is enough to strengthen us and improve our capabilities and affect our mood or appearance. So if you don't know where to start and you want to get started, you don't need a gym ticket, expensive equipment or a package of classes with a personal trainer. It is not necessary to hinder what is simple and exhausting at the beginning of the journey with diet and programs, but simply to start working.

Push-ups at work for busy people - where to start?

Push-ups are worth approaching as a challenge. It is a good idea to set up a period of training that will motivate us, but at the same time will not discourage us from taking too long or short a duration. The first option will make the challenge too big and we may not manage it mentally. The second will not bring the expected results and will be disappointing. Therefore, to start with, you should consider a programme lasting from 4 to 8 weeks. From him we can expect a bigger, stronger chest, better endurance and... well being. In this variant there are few restrictions - you have to roll up your sleeves and find a piece of free floor. We perform a certain number of repetitions during short breaks during a working day. We propose 5 series within an 8-hour working day, during which we perform 15 repetitions. After just a few days you will consider increasing the number of series or repetitions. This is a good excuse to move from your desk and activate your body for further work and provide your body with more oxygen.

Push-ups - when to train?

The most important thing is to find moments and a place where we can perform our series in peace and quiet. If you're working alone in a room, it's simple - just stand by your desk. However, with a little bit of self-denial, we will quietly find the next moments to perform the exercises. It is worth starting and ending the working day with one series, which gives us a good starting point. The next time is around lunch, when we're still getting out of work. It is also worth to find a moment, going for coffee or coming back from the meeting. Pumps at work for busy people - what should they look like?

Push-ups - what technique?

It's best to start with classic push-ups. It is very simple technically and can be done almost anywhere. The muscles of the entire shoulder girdle and the thoracic section work in this process. More advanced people can keep their hands close to each other - this variant puts more strain on the hands and body. A wide palm position will help to strengthen the back and shoulders.