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Pilates - for women only?

November 13, 2019

Pilates is commonly considered to be an unmanly sport aimed at women who focus on stretching. This erroneous and unfair approach has meant that many of us have lost many opportunities for a healthy and effective effort. Fortunately, more and more men decide to try to face this training system and there is a good chance that the popularity of this approach will increase. How does Pilates work in the market? Who's going after him? Is Pilates a sport for women only?

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a training system from the beginning of the previous century, which is incorrectly identified as a part of yoga. The program was written with a view to sustainable development of the body and systematic progress in movement abilities. The basic element is to increase control over the body and devote a lot of attention to proper breathing. This allows us to work intensively with deep muscles, which are the true source of strength and mobility of our body. With the right approach, elements of Pilates training allow you to increase performance in other disciplines - such as improving endurance results (running, swimming) or strength sports, where the proper movement is stimulated during exercise.

Pilates can be demanding, too?

As we mentioned, the focus in Pilates falls on the deep muscles. There are a number of benefits to this:

  • increase the flexibility of the body,
  • correction of posture defects,

  • correction of motion dysfunction,

  • Improvement of movement patterns.

Although it looks innocent from the outside, Pilates is a specialized training system that makes us better, faster, stronger and more flexible, which significantly translates into sports performance. In the initial stage, the basic movements are performed in order to verify the current disposition of the practitioner. Although they look easy, they are tiring when repeated repeatedly and there is no chance that sweat will not appear on your forehead. Controlling proper movement is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve, and muscles are starting to burn. The effect is like a good workout at the gym. It just has a better effect.

Pilates - check yourself!

Is Pilates only for women? It is worth taking up the challenge and testing yourself during the basic classes. Already an hour of training can verify the form, deficiencies and arrears resulting from e.g. the sitting mode of work. It is guaranteed that the body will indicate where it has been blocked and how the individual muscle parts are tied together. How should a starter training that shows our current disposition look like? Check out the following variant:

The exercises should be carried out on the floor, preferably on a mat, one after the other. There is no imposed time or number of interruptions - these are all yours. Remember, however, that the more efficient and technically correct, the better. Good luck! Good luck!

  • 8 repetitions of V-ups. In a sitting position, hold the calves and then straighten the legs until they reach the V position. When keeping your legs, you need to move to your back and then back to your starting position.

  • 100x "100". We sit down and straighten our legs. We lean back and lift them to the ground. In this position, we make a hundred moves with our hands up and down to our hips.

  • Eight slow-moving squats. We're lying straight, hands behind our heads. Slowly roll your back to a sitting position.