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Does the time of exercise matter?

November 13, 2019

Regularity is the basis for successful training. Systematics in physical activity has a positive impact on overall health (cardiovascular, locomotor and immune systems). Additionally, it influences other processes such as aging, satisfaction with sexual activity or stimulation of creative thinking. For training to bring even better results, it is worth doing exercises at certain times. This applies both to people building muscle mass and those working on weight reduction or endurance. Apparently, any time for physical exercise is good - but does the time of exercise matter? If so, what are the training hours?

The right time to reduce kilograms

If you want to lose weight, the best moment for slimming people to exercise is in the morning. During this time there is a great stimulation of the metabolism, which reduces the storage of unnecessary fat and increases the burning of calories. Morning exercises additionally stimulate this process, so that it works even faster. The following metabolism acts more intensively not only during exercises, but also for a dozen or so hours after the training. The situation is supported by the fact that the brain produces endorphins, which reward the effort and improve our well-being.

Hours that promote muscle mass gain

If we want to build mass, knowing the biological clock, scientists were able to determine at what time of day it is best to plan this type of training. Muscles have the most stored energy in the afternoon. From 14:00 you can get the best training results. The right time of day also reduces the risk of injury and increases the efficiency of sports activities. This time also helps to reduce appetite, making evening snacking less of a problem.

Does the time of exercise matter? Advantages and disadvantages of different times of day

Each of us wants the physical effort to be effective. Each season of the day has its advantages and disadvantages in the context of the effectiveness of physical activity and is dedicated to a different type of activity.

  • morning classes should be fasting. Increase metabolism and fat burning. However, be careful not to burn the protein and beware of injuries when the body is not warmed up;
  • afternoon traffic - an additional advantage over and above the above is the large reduction of stress after working hours/school in the form of training;
  • evening classes - additionally provide relaxation and tiredness will allow you to sleep well. However, its intensity cannot be exaggerated, so as not to achieve the opposite effect, and the potential of metabolism, which goes into the sleep phase on the next day, is not used.

    As we can see, each of these times of the day will have its own followers and opponents. It is important to define your own preferences and adjust working time to your body's needs and goals. In this way, we will be able to achieve the intended results faster, making full use of the natural, biological conditions of the body.