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CrossFit - for every man?

November 13, 2019

Crossfit is a relatively young and already very popular discipline. At the same time, it still arouses a lot of controversy and numerous theories are being developed around it. If someone once tried this sport, was and felt the atmosphere of the locker room and knows what is associated with training, but you can not be persuaded to harmful stereotypes. Crossfit is a complex training system with a specific profile. Dedicated to uniformed services workers in the USA, over time it became a pretext for building close communities, for which it is a pretext for changing life for the better. It is a lifestyle, a training room is a meeting place, and the names of training sessions (EMOM, AMPRAP or HIIT) evoke a smile and a feeling of readiness. What is this discipline and to whom is it dedicated? Is crossFit a good choice for any man? Check it out for yourself!

What makes Crossfit different?

Crossfit is a training system that boldly mixes different disciplines. It uses elements of strength training, fitness training and gymnastics. The system draws its tone from other popular disciplines and activities. What exactly does it stand out from the crowd and why can't this training be identified with a classic gym outing? This is primarily a very comprehensive and intensive general development activity. It uses functional movements, thanks to which the exercises can be translated into actions in everyday life. Although very often we hear Crossfit, we see heavy weights, we can be calm about the diversity. There are many training sessions and programs within this sport that use only body strain.

CrossFit - for every man? Types of training

Crossfit is a way of being and the right perspective. Training courses with graceful names are popular. Most of them have an interesting story in the background (e.g. a training commemorating a fallen commando who trained in a given field). They are demanding (often extreme) and at the same time bring us a number of benefits and are not limited to extreme fatigue. There is a positive effect on the health of cross training. We deal with him in group classes in cross-fit boxes. Such exercises are to prove oneself, improve one's skills, and at the same time a safe way to improve one's condition and health. Of course, you can approach the classes with a competitive approach, where the focus is on the result. The question here is - what kind of training is for me? Is crossFit for every man? And what are the risks associated with this discipline?

Risk related to Crossfit

Very often you can meet with the opinion that Crossfit is a breeding ground for injuries. A rational approach is very important here. The program and classes are arranged by qualified specialists. Problems begin where in other disciplines - when we begin to train inadequately to the capabilities of the body, we take on too much weight or neglect technology. Even in the competitive version, this sport seems to be less injured than other disciplines in which we constantly burden the same parts of the body and give the same stimuli to the same muscles.

The diversity of crossfit allows for even stimulation of the body and gives time for its regeneration. Thanks to the intertwining of activities in different fields, the whole body is involved proportionally, so that it is not exposed to extreme overloads to the same extent as in other disciplines. Crossfit is a sport for anyone who likes to work hard but is not afraid to challenge himself.