Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Addictions that weaken your potency

November 13, 2019

Men live confidently, firmly and consistently. When they decide to do something, they take responsibility for their own actions. However, when it comes to the subject of stimulants and their effect on potency, the perspective changes slightly. Usually gentlemen do not allow themselves to be informed that their tobacco or alcoholic habits (not to mention addiction) can lead to serious dysfunctions in sexual activity and reduce potency, even leading to erectile dysfunctions. Unfortunately, typically male habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol with a certain regularity are considered to be a serious threat to their health and fitness. Fortunately, with a strong enough will, they can be eliminated and changes can be made to improve general condition and fitness. Therefore, if we do not want to lower the libido and lead to a hormonal imbalance in the body, appropriate measures should be taken. Addictions that weaken your potency - see what you need to know.

Healthy lifestyle and potency

A lifestyle is usually the last factor that places a strain on a person's temporary indisposition. The culprits are rightly blamed for stress, tension and fatigue, but in many cases the subject of stimulants and their influence on health and sexual fitness is omitted in a wide circle. All because every organism has its own endurance and ability to act in unfavourable conditions - sometimes there comes a moment when it speaks enough. Addictions that weaken your potency, affect your body just like situations of danger - the body temporarily switches off unnecessary life functions to focus on the most important and endangered ones. Fertility suffers greatly from the destruction of the body with stimulants and their complications, such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, general body pollution or cardiovascular diseases. Hence, reduced testosterone production, the reduction of which significantly worsens potency and libido.

Addictions that weaken your potency - think twice

Addictions that affect sexual performance do not have to be directly related to the consumption of substances. Of course, the most popular elements are alcohol, tobacco and drugs. As it turns out, however, this is not the whole set that makes up the problem. Food dependence (and consequently overweight and obesity and chronic metabolic problems, including diabetes) can be problematic. The next ones on the list are drug addiction (with particular emphasis on analgesics), sexual addictions (causing boredom, exhaustion, coldness and attachment to specific, limited stimuli - e.g. compulsive masturbation). A serious problem among people practicing at the gym is also taking excessive amounts of steroids or using them for too long, which greatly disturbs the hormonal balance, destroys the production and operation of testosterone, and returning to the state before contact with the substance can take very long months. So if you feel that you have fallen into an addiction trap or are experiencing your first symptoms in the form of problems with potency or erection - it is best to go to a specialist with whom you will establish a coherent plan of action.