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How do drugs affect potency?

November 13, 2019

Potency is a difficult subject and sexual ability problems are identified with poor diet, lifestyle, addictions or health problems (including chronic stress). In order to solve the problem, those affected often resort to readily available products at the pharmacy or to prescription drugs that contain precisely acting active substances. However, as it turns out, drugs as such can also be dangerous. Not only can they lead to addiction, their use carries the risk of health complications, also in the form of problems with potency. How do drugs affect potency?

Popular drugs and potency

After a closer look at the subject, sexual activity and potency are affected by quite a few commonly available drugs, which we use regularly, without taking into account the consequences. We are not talking about related pharmacological procedures, the side effects of which are less evil in the form of sexual disorders. The source of the problem can be considered to be over-the-counter preparations, which act as anti-inflammatory. These are non-steroidal substances for basic ailments. Everything would be all right with immediate use, but regular intake of these would result in lower libido and impotence dysfunctions. In addition, you should also be careful when dealing with hypertension preparations, psychotropic drugs and some drugs for cardiovascular diseases.

How do drugs affect potency? - Steroids

A big problem could be steroids. Although the main part of them is addiction to sports blends, the inappropriate use of which has health implications, steroids in the form of medicines are also a problem. Steroid drugs are supposed to have an anti-inflammatory effect and often appear e.g. in antiallergic treatment. All because of a hormonal imbalance and abnormal testosterone levels in the body. Initially it seems that the efficiency has increased significantly and is heading in the right direction, but over time the potency decreases significantly and leads to additional undesirable effects. All because the body generally fights the excess hormone present in the blood. This leads to poor moods leading to depression and mental blockages responsible for potency disorders and directly related to blood flow to cavernous bodies in the penis. How do drugs affect potency - what else do they affect?

Steroids - complications

The most important complications of steroid drugs include the increase in cholesterol, which may cause permanent sexual disorders. Steroids and their effect on testosterone levels and poor management are often responsible for systemic pathologies. Additional problems include hypertension, difficulty in maintaining an adequate level of sugar (and consequently diabetes) or even at a late stage, myocardial infarction. Some people try to "save" themselves with more and more steroids, but the consequences are even worse. The above mentioned preparations may permanently affect the functioning of the system, so any difficulties should be consulted with a specialist who will select the appropriate steps for a specific case.