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Sexual disorder after steroids

November 13, 2019

Steroidal products have two specific actions. Some are created as anti-inflammatory substances and are used in medical procedures as part of the treatment. The second one is steroids used by people who exercise intensively to improve their sporting and silhouette performance. Although they were supposed to change the situation of the needy diametrically, they also carry a great risk of complications. One of them is a sexual disorder after steroids. Their use without the proper care of a specialist is associated with a high risk. They are usually taken in too much or in too much doses. Lack of responsibility in this respect is associated with a very long period of recovery and full recovery, and in particular with erectile dysfunction, diseases of the circulatory system (atherosclerosis, hypertension) or liver damage. Therefore, verify the side effects of steroids and consider the consequences of their use.

Anabolic steroids - what is it and how does it affect sexuality?

Anabolic steroids may be of natural or synthetic origin. Their action is focused on accelerating the process of cell division in tissues, with particular emphasis on muscles. Thanks to this, these preparations gained great popularity in the circles of people focused on strength training and among doping enthusiasts. Unfortunately, numerous side effects, including sexual disorders after steroids, pose a significant threat to daily life and health. Although they have been known for nearly 80 years, their negative impact has not been limited.

Side effects with the use of steroids

Among the most popular and natural steroids is testosterone. It is also a male sex hormone, which must be in the right concentration in the body in order to work properly. An increase in steroid levels, resulting from its supply in the diet or by means of nutrients and injections, causes an increase in muscle mass and efficiency. However, the manipulation of the hormonal economy has a number of consequences. Excess testosterone in the blood stimulates the body's defence mechanisms to lower its concentration. It's a dangerous phenomenon that can survive even if a person stops delivering steroids. The most important symptoms include a decrease in strength and mental disorders in the form of stress and depression. On the sexual side, unfortunately, the consequences are also serious - the loss of libido, the disappearance of testicles or the dysfunction of the process of creating semen capable of reproduction. In the extreme case, the impotence is complete.

Steroids - think about the consequences

The decision to take steroids should be conscious and well thought out. The problem is not only the erection itself, but also fertility and poor sperm status. In extreme cases, the semen of a steroid user may not have any sperm at all. In addition, leading to excess testosterone can result in degenerations in the seminal canals where sperm can get stuck. Introducing steroids into the exercise program seems a tempting option, especially in the short term, but the long-term risk seems inadequate for the consequences.