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Sexual aptitude of men

November 13, 2019

Sexual aptitude of men is on the one hand a taboo subject, but on the other hand it is seen in the context of stereotypes. Fortunately, this perspective is slowly changing. This is particularly important because of your self-esteem, which is strongly linked to your sexual performance. Therefore, we can observe in the media and on the Internet a change of narration in the face of sexuality problems - instead of shame, there is talk of male things, readiness and professionalism. Regardless of the social understanding of sexuality in men, this is a very important area of life, affecting self-confidence, general mental functioning and well-being and having health connotations. What exactly is sexual fitness and how should we take care of it?

Sexual aptitude of men - what affects it?

Sexual aptitude of men is dependent on many factors. Usually these are elements that do not seem to be very important in everyday life. However, from the perspective of lifestyle, health effects and sexual activity, they play a huge role in the long term. These include, but are not limited to:

  • diet,

  • stress and thinking about problems (at home, at work, in finance),

  • lack of own rhythm (work-life balance),

  • ...exhaustion,

  • conflicts,

  • growing health problems that we don't have time for.

This is particularly true of habits and health problems in the early stages of development, which can be removed in the bud, but if left to their own devices, they grow into a big problem. These are mainly cardiovascular ailments and diabetes. Their complications in the form of atherosclerosis, hypertension, cholesterol problems, affect the flow of blood in the body and blood supply to the nature during the sexual act.

Risk group

People exposed to potency problems may look for sources of disorder in various areas. The most important elements to pay attention to are physical activity and proper nutrition. In addition, potency is influenced by the extent and degree of contact with drugs (alcohol, tobacco), mental comfort and age. Gentlemen over 40 years of age should pay more attention to the factors influencing their potency, and from the age of 50 the concentration of hormones, including testosterone, decreases, reducing activity and sensitivity to sexual sensations.

Sexual aptitude of men - the problem of impotence

One of the late symptoms of impotence disorders and health problems is impotence. This is a problem with getting an erection that gives a chance for a satisfactory intercourse, despite the strong feeling of excitement. Impotence can take three forms: erectional (problem with erection), generative (concerning fertility) and orgastic (prevents orgasm).

What helps to improve impotence and sexual performance?

Sexual aptitude of men is strongly linked to the psyche - the better it is, the better it feels. In order for everything to work properly, it is necessary to take care of the balance in everyday life and health. However, we do not always have the time and opportunity to take care of all aspects of life. It is worthwhile to support yourself with an appropriate supplement at such a moment. Our focus should be on products containing ingredients such as ginseng, ginkgo, ginkgo, pumpkin seeds, royal jelly and yohimbine. You can also consult your doctor with a specialist who will suggest the right treatment and prevention pathways.