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Gong potency exercises - an active way to deal with erectile dysfunction

November 13, 2019

Health problems as well as impotence disorders can occur at any age and dramatically affect the sexual life of a man. The reasons for this can be many and depend on many factors. Potency problems are when a man cannot take up satisfactory sexual activity with 25% or more of the trials. Are there any potency exercises that can reduce or eliminate this condition? Let's see.

Potential problems - the ABC of affliction

Potency problems can take many forms and often arise from the source of the disorder. This may be the case when an erection occurs, but it is not permanent enough to engage in sexual activity. Another case is when the erection takes place only at the moment of unexpected intercourse. A problem can also be an incomplete erection or a complete lack of it. The reasons for this may be health, physiological or psychological.

Physical elements certainly include anatomical factors, sexually transmitted infections, vascular problems (atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases associated with blood supply to the penis), pharmacological problems (effects of certain drugs), nervous system injuries or hormonal changes (low testosterone, high prolactin). Psychological elements include chronic stress, depression, chronic fatigue, neuroses and others.

Gong potency exercises - the role of exercises in the fight against ailments

As it turns out, physical activity can stimulate potency. This is due to the fact that the biggest problem is caused by the blood supply to the penis of the excitement, so regular training to strengthen the cardiovascular system can significantly contribute to the improvement of the condition. This is a good preventive solution to minimize the symptoms of the problem. To the benefits of activity we should certainly add the prevention of atherosclerosis and diabetes, which often have a negative impact on the functioning of the sexual system. Movement also improves self-confidence and self-esteem related to fitness and appearance. The positive effect is already 30 minutes of activity a day, especially with a properly composed and healthy diet. What potency exercises should I do to improve my performance?

  • walks and movement in the open air - affects the efficiency and cardiovascular system and promotes oxygenation - areobic exercises,
  • yoga - has an anti-stress effect and helps to relax the body, even in places we didn't know about until recently,

  • pelvic floor muscles - they should be exercised by stretching them 3 times a day,

  • general physical and mental health measures.

As we can see, prophylaxis and counteraction through movement are mainly based on active, healthy lifestyle, which is characterized by regularity and moderate intensity. Potency exercises are those that activate the whole body and prevent the development of civilization ailments related to the sedentary lifestyle in the city. In order to thoroughly analyze the case and choose the optimal solution, it is advisable to consult a physician and create an exercise program with a trainer.