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The influence of alcohol on male potency

November 13, 2019

Alcohol, like many other stimulants, including cigarettes, has a disastrous effect on male potency and its excessive consumption can lead to problems with male sexual performance. The substances contained in it have a negative effect on the male libido and may cause difficulties in obtaining and maintaining an erection. Another negative aspect of alcohol abuse is depression, anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, there is still a conviction that it is a good way to create a pleasant atmosphere in the company, relax tension and is also seen as a means of facilitating interpersonal contacts. In fact, alcohol consumption affects a man's blood sugar level, which can lead to erection problems. What is the effect of alcohol on male potency?

Alcohol - problems not only with potency

First of all, it should be remembered that excessive alcohol consumption leads to significant personality changes. People who abuse alcohol, on the one hand, suffer from episodic anxiety and, on the other hand, are aggressive. Additionally, after alcohol the level of concentration is lowered, which translates into sexual efficiency during alcohol into into intoxication. Alcohol abuse also leads to relationship problems, which also affects the atmosphere between the couple and the lack of intimacy and mutual trust, results in a cooler relationship and a reduction in sexual activity. In many cases, lack of full control over the amount of alcohol consumed and frequent use of this type of drug leads to depression and reduced self-esteem, which also results in a lower or total lack of interest in the sexual sphere.

Effects of alcohol on potency - alcohol impotence

First of all, the impact of alcohol on male potency is of strategic importance for two systems. The first one is the nervous system, which is responsible for stimulation and various mental reactions, while the second one is the circulatory system, which allows (physically) to obtain and maintain an erection. However, the action of these two systems is slowed down and the reactions of the person under the influence of alcohol are blunted, often also delayed, and additionally, higher blood sugar levels have a negative effect on the whole cardiovascular system. This results in problems with the erection and its maintenance. Abuse of alcohol often results in diseases such as cirrhosis, which also contribute to impotence.

Beer isn't alcohol?

Men consume beer, which is a low-profile alcohol, more often than high-profile alcoholic beverages. It is still believed that frequent consumption of this drink has no significant negative impact on human health, including male potency. However, frequent use of beer leads to a reduction in testosterone in the blood, the hormone responsible for the drive. Additionally, it reduces muscle mass in favour of fat tissue, especially on the buttocks and abdomen, which can also affect potency. Changes in appearance may result in reduced self-esteem and decreasing interest in physical relationships.