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Negative effects of stress on male potency

November 13, 2019

A man's well-being depends on many factors, but a decrease in sexual performance can suddenly break down even the toughest individual. It's often an eye in the head and a point of honor for a man, so that the potency does not cause the slightest problems. It is accompanied by ego, ambition and numerous emotional connections with the sexual act itself. No wonder that sexual activity has such an impact on a man's psyche. This is reflected in his personal life, interpersonal relations, women's-men's relations and general functioning. Below we describe the negative effects of stress on male potency as one of the psychological factors weakening the sexual activity of men.

Negative effects of stress on male potency - the role of low self-esteem

Problems with potency affect not only sexual activity and relationships with the partner, but above all the psyche. On the one hand, the blow is struck by the ego of a person who wants to please his partner and stand up to the task, on the other hand, suffers from a general self-esteem, passing a considerable fall. As a consequence, the biggest victims are self-confidence, not only in bed situations, but also in everyday situations and trust in oneself and one's body. This is strongly associated with a sense of control and a lack of confidence in what should work on its own. Some of the men affected are using generally available erectile dysfunctional preparations to minimize or eliminate symptoms. In addition, they are supported by natural preparations and aphrodisiacs, which in combination are to be an effective potency mix. Some men, however, fall deeper into chronic stress, which leads to depression, has a negative impact on potency and erection, only aggravating the problem. Further effects of this situation are complexes, low self-esteem and chronic fear of failure, which are transferred to other elements and spheres of life. It is very important here to have a proper procedure for dealing with the problem, preferably in consultation with a doctor and the support of a partner. You should also consider consulting a specialist doctor as well as a therapist or sexologist.

Ways to deal with stress in the context of potency

Erectile dysfunction is the most serious symptom of potency dysfunction. We are talking about her when several times, despite strong excitement, a man is not able to have a satisfactory intercourse. Some people talk about one in four failed approaches to rapprochement, others say that only a few failed approaches will suffice to consider the problem serious. However, whatever the frequency, the cause of the problem must be found in order to be able to respond to it and consequently eliminate it. There is a very high probability that troubles have their source in the psyche. The culprit is primarily a large, chronic stress that affects the mentality and weakening of subsequent elements (self-confidence, self-esteem). Negative effects of stress on male potency are tensions that create internal blockages, make it impossible to relax and focus on sexual activity and the possibility of enjoying it. Stress in the long term also contributes to the work of the circulatory system, blood flow and, consequently, the action of cavernous bodies in the current, whose action transforms into an erection necessary to achieve satisfaction.