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Erectile dysfunction

November 13, 2019

Erectile dysfunction and problems are a growing problem that affects a larger group of men, including those at an early age. Although more than every second case concerns people over 60, unfortunately it also concerns younger and younger people (every 20th boy up to 25 years of age - which is a significant percentage). It seems that for various reasons disorders at a later age are quite legitimate - by diseases and changes in the body, young people suffer from dysfunctions of sexual stimulation due to specific diseases, civilization ailments and other elements that would be easy to avoid. All you need is a healthy lifestyle and a certain awareness.

Healthy causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a pretty substantial package. Erection and potency is a phenomenon requiring the cooperation of several systems and appropriate circumstances. No wonder that many elements can also be responsible for dysfunctions. Their origin may be health, psychological or mixed. Health disorders (often called somatic disorders) usually occur with age. This is mainly the result of diseases and measures taken to counteract them. One of the most common problems of this type can be mentioned:

  • cardiovascular diseases,

  • Type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus,

  • neurological problems,

  • hormonal changes,

  • urological problems,

  • post-traumatic complications.

Particular attention should be paid here to cardiological and vascular problems (often in the form of atherosclerosis, hypertension), through which a sufficient amount of blood does not flow to the penis during sexual stimulation. The second very important element is sugar, which, if unregulated, damages the vessels and narrows their light. An additional problem is hormonal fluctuations, occurring in problems with thyroid gland, kidney diseases, with age or during improper diet and supplementation at the gym. Recent popular disorders have a neurological source - from spinal injuries to strokes and multiple sclerosis.

Erectile dysfunction - psychological elements

Erectile dysfunction is also a psychological problem, which is up to one in five causes of sexual activity problems. The main risk group are people in the middle age (from the age of 40), but also men exposed to severe and chronic stress, with vulnerability to depression and unable to cope with the modern lifestyle and its demands. The most serious psychological problems include depression, anxiety disorders, difficult and unexpected situations and stereotypical masculine character. Personality is important here (excessive control, shyness, low self-esteem) and can significantly contribute to the symptoms of disorders. In such a case, problems with potency and erection may occur even with strong sexual excitement and willingness to implement. If you have any of these conditions, diseases or erectile dysfunction, it is a good idea to see a specialist who will identify the source of the problem and indicate the appropriate course of action.