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A healthy diet for a real man

November 13, 2019

A healthy diet for a real man doesn't have to be boring at all. The first and most serious fear is that the meals will be devoid of meat and taste. Fortunately, properly prepared meat does not need to be unhealthy or fattening. Everything depends on its type and the way it is cooked and seasoned. In order for a diet to serve its intended purpose and enjoy the palate, it is necessary to prepare a nutritional plan that takes into account the world's cuisines and is not associated with sacrifices. Keep in mind the correct proportions of the ingredients supplied. Although this is of course an individual matter, it is said that the optimal diet should consist of 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% protein (which should be up to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight per day). A healthy diet for a real man - what should it look like and what else should it include?

What should a healthy diet of a real man look like?

First of all, there should be meals at regular intervals on a given day. There is talk of 4-5 meals being delivered every 3 hours or so during the day. The latter should appear on the plate no more than 2 hours before bedtime and should be poor in carbohydrates. So a healthy diet of a real man and her key is regularity. Do not overcool or feel strongly sucked in. However, a slight feeling of unsatisfaction is advisable. As you know, men prefer meat dishes and like to include such recipes in their diet. That's why it's important to know how to choose the right meat for your daily plan.

First of all you have to remember that red meat is very tasty and nutritious, but at the same time it has a lot of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, which makes it unsuitable for regular consumption in large quantities. Hence, it should appear in the diet up to 3 times a week. A good alternative would be poultry or fish (an excellent source of omega fatty acids). You can also bet on legumes (soya, beans, lentils) or tofu. The calorific value of the meat is also important, so lean meats or their cooking to a meal (optionally baking or stewing) are recommended. Such variants, instead of frying, can reduce the calorific value of food by up to three times. In addition, meat in the diet seems to be difficult to replace, especially because of its high content of vitamins B, PP, zinc and iron.

Gentlemen's diet - what should I pay attention to?

Verification of meat in the diet is mainly due to the numerous unpleasant consequences of excessive fat intake. The worst complications include diseases of the circulatory system - atherosclerosis and hypertension. The diet should also include four portions of vegetables and up to three portions of fruit. The diet should be properly balanced and supplemented with an appropriate dose of liquids (about 2 liters per day).

Men's diet - what's on the plate?

On the plate should be what we like. Everything is for people, just in moderation. Therefore, if you allow yourself too much, it is worth properly balance it in the next meals, buying yourself a vegetable cocktail, beetroot juice or a treatment purifying from products containing a lot of water - such as cucumber. Changes in the diet should be consulted with a specialist dietician, who will help to adjust the necessary substances and their proportions to individual preferences.