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A man's potency diet

November 13, 2019

Potential problems are a serious phenomenon in today's world. Fortunately, it is possible to introduce preventive measures and reduce the effects of ailments through an appropriate menu. The male potency diet is focused on micronutrients that help to keep the potency in full working order (mainly vitamin D, zinc, selenium and healthy fats). They are strongly linked to the amount of testosterone in the body - the main hormone responsible for male sexuality. What should be included in the diet for potency?

The role of diet in caring for potency

A well-balanced diet has a huge impact on the functioning of the body, and thus on the drive and maintenance of erection. Unfortunately, few people are aware of this and are taking the right action. Many men do not find themselves in the kitchen or consider it unmanly, so they miss an opportunity to improve their health. In turn the discussed problem is an effect of the lifestyle in present times - stress, momentum, lack of time, bad nutrition.

Civilisation disorders have also affected the sexuality of masters to a certain extent through poor diet, pollution and limited physical activity. Such a situation significantly counteracts the achievement of full efficiency and adequate potency. What elements improve its quality? Which male potency diet is best for a man?

Effects of bad eating habits on potency

The momentum forces changes that do not always go in the right direction. It is no different with food that is highly processed and its quality leaves much to be desired. What is the negative effect on erection and cardiovascular system in the menu? Tobacco and alcohol go first. This is a well-known topic, with documented negative effects on the body and sexuality. First of all, they influence the dilatation of cavernous bodies in the penis and decrease the metabolism of testosterone in the liver. Who has not yet heard of it, sugar is equally dangerous in large quantities, which reduces the hormonal stimulation of the reproductive system, which affects the volatility between testosterone and estrogen.

If you want to prepare your diet properly, you should also get rid of the fridge's yellow cheese, which is full of fat, meat products (mainly sausages) containing trans fats, preservatives and other artificial additives, as well as ready-made dishes that are full of palm fat that directly contribute to potency problems.

Men's potency diet - what to use?

If you are wondering what you should introduce into your diet to properly stimulate your sexual performance, consider:

  • Zinc,
  • selenium,
  • Vitamin D,
  • unsaturated fatty acids,
  • choline and glycine,
  • Thyroxine.