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Does protein support potency?

November 13, 2019

Protein is one of the basic components of the diet, responsible for building new tissues. It should make up about 20% of the daily energy demand in the diet. Due to the hurry, intensive lifestyle and hard workouts, we more and more often reach for supplementation and protein supplements. Do they have any effect on potency or libido? To what extent can they harm health? Does protein support potency? Above all, we need to look at the way we eat, the sources of protein and how it is processed by the body. It is only in this context that it is possible to determine exactly what effect it has on male sexual activity and potency.

Protein - what we should know about it

Protein in appropriate proportions in the diet stimulates the secretion of certain hormones, including testosterone, growth hormone or glucagon. Some of them are also responsible for potency and erection. Increased protein supply also means a reduction in the amount of insulin that prevents diabetes. Diabetic complications also affect sexual activity, due to weakness of blood vessels leading to stroke and impotence. Animal products provide increased concentrations of histidine, an amino acid derived from histamine, a compound that causes relaxation and increased permeability of blood vessels. Histamine increases the production of mucus secretion in the membranes covering the genital organs during excitement. Equally important is vitamin PP (nicyne), which is responsible for thyroid, sex hormones and thyroxine, and its high concentrations can be found in meat.

Does protein support potency? How to compose meals?

In addition to the positive effect on potency, protein in various forms contains compounds harmful to the sexual performance of men. These include saturated fatty acids responsible for atherosclerosis. Therefore, fatty foods, including milk and milk products, certain types of meat, cold cuts and offal, should be avoided in the diet. To make up for some of the deficiencies, it is worth considering a supplementation with protein preparations, which are usually available in sports shops. It is worth considering amino acid supplementation for a complex action.

Protein on a plate

The level of protein in the diet and thus in the body has a very important impact on the models of nutrition and the return to efficiency. It's a form of nutrition that favours testosterone production. Maintain an adequate ratio of the ingredient to body weight (too little below 1 gram per kg body weight and too much at 2 grams per kg body weight). Then the proper concentration of testosterone in the body is maintained. Distortion of the proportions causes the creation of the opposite hormone and combating the body in the body, leading in the long term to dysfunction and disease. You should also watch the protein/carbohydrate ratio in your diet. Vegetarian and vegan diets have a negative effect on the amount of protein, as they cannot offer an adequate protein substitute in meals. Half of the protein in the diet should come from animals (including eggs, meat, fish and dairy products).